Zoodoo Zoo

Offering a uniquely hands on experience, from 9am-5pm, 7 days a week

Zoodoo is located in Tasmania, in the suburb of Richmond, just a 30 minute drive north from the capital city Hobart.Zoodoo Cover Picture Boasting a large range of native, agricultural and exotic animals – from the likes of simple rabbits and guinea pigs, to native animals such as kangaroos, farm animals and wombats, all the way up to rare African white lions. Zoodoo thus offers a uniquely hands on experience with both native and exotic animals that makes for an engaging day out for families, adults and kids alike.

Zoodoo Zoo is a proud sponsor of the Devils in Danger Foundation, is a stockist of ALL DIDF OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE and is home to a number of TASMANIAN DEVILS – some of which can be ‘adopted’ by visitors, with all funds going directly to support the DIDF.

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Van Diemen Skateboards 

A Skateboard company founded in Tasmania  who have combined their love for both skateboarding and the place they call home, Van Diemen’s land (Tasmania).

Van Diemen Skateboards generously created a Tasmanian devil range of skateboard decks, in support of the Devils in Danger Foundation. A percentage of the sale price for each of these decks is donated directly to our foundation and helps us to continue our vital work guarding Tasmanian devils against extinction.

Head into Jimmys Skate & Street, Hobart to purchase yours today!

Hazards Brewing Coffee Co.

Hazards Brewing Coffee Co is the wanderlust coffee van roaming Tassie’s Freycinet Peninsula + its surrounds and are a stockist of the DIDFs official KeepCups!!

They brew Tasmanian roasted coffee, tea blends and much more! You can also grab a freshly baked snack delivered straight from the gourmet oven of Big Petes… Never trust a thin chef! Muffins, pastries, biscuits, savories+sweet they’ve got you covered.

Get a discount when you bring your own mug or purchase an official DIDF KeepCup directly from their van – 100% of the profits come back to our foundation PLUS your very first coffee is FREE!

Hazards Brewing Coffee Co. says: “We are pretty stoked to call this part of the world home and hate to see the amount of single use plastic that washes up on the pristine beaches. We know the take-away coffee industry contributes second to none to the litter, which is why we are embarking on a mission to be 100% single use plastic free in 5 years.  Help us out! BYO cups.”

Need some coffee + good vibes to spruce up your next event? They are also available for invites/hire!

Check them out on Facebook to find out their next location and get your DIDF KeepCup, TODAY!


Become a DIDF Sponsor, TODAY!DIDF Logo - Transparent

The DIDF is solely funded by public donations, Tasmanian businesses and corporate sponsorship.  All funds raised by the DIDF are vital and go directly towards the care and welfare of Tasmanian Devils, both in-situ and ex-situ, and provide assistance to both private and government research.

The Devils in Danger Foundation invites all business, large or small, to become a part of this fantastic organisation and would be truly grateful if your company agreed to support our foundation by becoming a sponsor!

Download a Sponsorship Application Form



The Devils in Danger Foundation has also received generous product donations from the following businesses:

Stalley Textile Co.

Stalley Textile Co. is a local Tasmanian company that creates and sells a variety of beautiful home decor items. Four Tasmanian made, thick and thirsty, Tasmanian devil, tea towels were generously donated to the Devils in Danger Foundation, by Stalley Textile Co., in 2016.

Browse other beautiful items from this local business by visiting one of the following:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stalleytextileco/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stalleytextileco/?hl=en

Website: https://madeit.com.au/Main/Store?storeId=3010&userId=13538


Bushprints Jewellry

bushprints-jewellery-picture-1“Bushprints Jewellery is based on the footprints of wildlife, providing animal lovers with a wearable memento of a wildlife experience. The pieces allow us to take our wildlife’s footprints home with us, rather than damaging their habitats with our human ones”

Bushprints Jewellery generously donated six different pieces, from their Tasmanian devil jewellery range, to the Devils in Danger Foundation in 2016.

To browse the beautiful selection of animal print jewellery created by Bushprints Jewellery, please visit one of the follow:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bushprints-Jewellery-1510181082628488/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bushprints_jewellery/?hl=en

Website: http://www.bushprintsjewellery.com.au/


Product donations to the Devils in Danger Foundation are used as part of a raffle and/or as prizes for a variety of competitions and give-aways offered on our website and Facebook page.

We are always seeking product donations and will happily accept any donations large or small. To donate products to our not-for-profit organisation, working to secure a future for the endangered Tasmanian devils please…