Seeking Product Donations

The Devils in Danger Foundation (DIDF) would like to invite you/your business to make a product donation to our non-for-profit, incorporated organisation.

Why do we need your help?11287193_10206957292956627_1989517815_n
The DIDF is solely funded by public donations and Tasmanian businesses, such as yourself.  All funds raised by the DIDF are vital and go directly towards the care and welfare of Tasmanian Devils, both in-situ (in wild) and ex-situ (in captivity), and provide assistance to vital Tasmanian devil research.
The Devils in Danger Foundation would like to invite you to become a part of this fantastic organisation and would be truly grateful if your company agreed to support our foundation by making a product donation.

slideshow640-14 (11)What would you do?
The size of the donation you wish to provide is completely up to you and no amount is too large or small!  Furthermore, the DIDF is open to any sponsorship opportunities and ideas that you may have and your suggestions would be greatly appreciated and seriously considered.

What would your donation/sponsorship be used for?11106427_10206957292236609_239333590_n
Your product donation will be used as part of a raffle or as prizes for a variety of competitions and give-aways that we hope to offer on our website and Facebook page. We hope that these competitions will allow us to spread the word of our foundation and therefore further educate the public about the plight faced by our iconic Tasmanian devil – a vital step in helping to guard this species against extinction.

IMG_5754 (2)Why should you get involved?
Not only would your business get the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting a worthy cause, and an endangered Tasmanian icon, customers look favourably upon those businesses that are known to support charity organisations. Furthermore, as a reward for your generous donation, the DIDF would market your product/business across all of our online avenues including our, Facebook, Website and Instagram, FREE OF CHARGE!!

How do you get involved?Aviary-Photo_130783839195183015
If you would like to be a part of this exciting and significant advertising opportunity, please feel free to complete the provided application form below.
Your product donation can either be posted to the DIDF at the address given below or arrangements can be made for one of our volunteers to come to you.

PLEASE complete the following form to express your interest in donating a product to the DIDF

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