About DIDF

Who are we?

The Devils in Danger Foundation (DIDF) is a not-for-profit, incorporated organisation and foundation that is listed on the register of environmental organisations, with the federal government, and is a tax- deductible gift recipient.

The DIDF is fully funded by Tasmanian business and private donations, all income and profits of the DIDF go directly to the care and welfare of the Tasmanian Devils, both in captivity and in the wild. Therefore, WE NEED YOUR HELP!



DIDF Mission

The DIDF’s mission is to;

Facilitate and implement that appropriate steps to guard against the extinction of the species.

DIDF Goals

  1. To raise awareness in Australia and Worldwide about the plight our Tasmanian Devils face with Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) in Tasmania and to inform people on what they can do to help
  2. To help fund the research teams working on DFTD. Furthermore, funds raised are often utilised to purchase remote surveillance equipment for researching the progress and onslaught of DFTD in wild Devil populations. In particular, we help fund the vital field research conducted by Tasmanian devil expert, Associate Professor Menna Jones, of the university of Tasmania.
  3. To build Tasmanian devil breeding enclosures and increase populations of healthy, disease-free Tasmanian devils, in captivity

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