Meet our Devils

Below is a list of just some of the Tasmanian devils that are part of the Devils in Danger Foundations breeding colony, located at Zoodoo Zoo.cropped-DIDF-Logo-Transparent.png

ALL DEVILS shown here are available for ‘adoption.
Choose your favourite by clicking on any of the photos below and ADOPT TODAY!




Hurricane tongue out


  • Born in 2017, the only male from a litter of four to first time parents, Luna & Storm
  • Brother to Blizzard, and two other yet-to-be-named sisters
  • Current ambassador devil for the DIDF and future insurance population breeder
  • Extremely mischievous and cheeky personality, a real whirlwind of destruction!




  • Sisters born to proud parents Luna & Storm in 2018
  • Siblings to adoption devils Hurricane & Blizzard
  • Hand-raised to be vital ambassador devils for their endangered species
  • Quake is very outgoing and into EVERYTHING!
  • Ember is much more laid back and prefers to snooze and relax, rather than destroy.


Adopt Luna & Storm



  • Unrelated breeding pair, both born in 2015
  • First time parents in 2017 to four healthy joeys and second time parents to a further 3 joeys in 2018.




OLD ADOPTION DEVILS – Still available but no longer living at our breeding facility


  • Born in 2017 to first time parents Luna & Storm
  • Sister to Hurricane
  • Being hand-raised as an ambassador devil for the DIDF
  • Extremely feisty on the outside, affectionate and sweet on the inside.




Adopt Kelly


  • Female
  • Born at Zoodoo in 2013
  • Paired with male ‘Red’
  • Mother of ‘Nelson’ born in 2015



Adopt Montana

  • Female
  • Born at Zoodoo Zoo in 2013
  • First time mum to ‘Olivia’ and ‘Rosie’ in 2015







Adopt Red




  • Born at Alma Park, QLD
  • Moved to Zoodoo Zoo in 2013
  • Fathered 3 healthy devil joeys in 2015