ADOPT a Tasmanian Devil

ADOPT a Tasmanian Devil

From just $70 AU per year you can adopt a Tasmanian Devil!

****PLEASE NOTE: There will be a temporary delay in the processing of all Tasmanian devil adoptions purchased between the 4th of January and the 20th of January 2019, while our Chief Administrative Officer (and sole employee) is away on annual leave****

When you adopt a devil all funds go directly to Devils In Danger Foundation, and fund projects which aid the Tasmanian devils both in captivity and in the wild. Aviary-Photo_130783839195183015

When you adopt a DIDF Devil you will receive;

  • Quarterly newsletters detailing the progress of the Devils in Danger Foundation
  • Invitations for exclusive Devils in Danger Foundation events and meetings
  • A Tasmanian Devil Fact Sheet
  • an Adoption Certificate with all the details, and photograph, of your adopted devil
  • a free entry pass to Zoodoo Zoo so that you can visit your adopted Tasmanian Devil.
  • 10% off voucher for the DIDF online store
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a fantastic not-for-profit organisation to fund devil research, build breeding enclosures, increase insurance populations and help guard against the extinction of the endangered Tasmanian devil.

Devil adoptions are PERFECT for animals lovers of all ages, and they also make the ideal gift on birthdays, Christmas and many other important occasions!

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Please note: there is an additional cost (between $10 and $15 AU) for shipping anywhere outside of Australia
DIDF Souvenir Package includes: an offical DIDF pen, bumper sticker and keyring, PLUS a Tasmanian devil plush toy